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Will Not Bow Issue 3, pag #1

Hello there!
Princess Zahra's adventures continue, as well as her Kickstarter campaign. Created by the talented Samantha Branch, this campaign invites us to check its first three issues. Get to know the world of Zareen and, of course, support the campaign if you can. You won't regret it.

Will Not Bow Issue 3, pag #1
Pencils: Samantha Branch.
Colors: Carlos Moreno D
las aventuras de la princesa Zahra continúan al igual que su campaña en kickstarter, creado por la talentosa Samantha Branch, esta campaña nos invita a conocer sus 3 primeros números. denle clik al enlace, conozcan el mundo de Zareen y por supuesto si pueden apoyen la campaña, no se van a arrepentir